Noel Company is a commercial and industrial concrete contractor. Please take a moment to browse some of the services we offer below. We would appreciate the opportunity to be considered for any upcoming concrete projects so you too can experience the excellent service and quality work that our clients have grown to expect.

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Tilt-Up Panels: Tilt-up is a method of concrete construction in which the wall panels are cast horizontally (typically on the building slab) at a location in close proximity to their final position, and tilted into place with by use of a crane.


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Walls: Building foundation walls, shear walls, shaft walls, and retaining walls.  Walls can be used in conjunction with foundations to support buildings or to vertically retain soil

Formwork: The total system of support for freshly placed concrete which includes the sheathing, supporting members, hardware, and necessary bracing.



Noel Tall Wall
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Noel Site Work

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Site Work: Site work is the installation of concrete materials and accessories on the site that the building is built on.  Site concrete can consist of concrete paving, sidewalks, curbs, and retaining walls.




Slabs: Slabs-on-grade, elevated slabs-on-metal deck, and self-supported elevated slabs.  Slabs can be used for structural purposes, working loads, and non-working loads.

Noel Slab on Grade

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Noel Foundations

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Foundations: The entire concrete substructure supporting a building or other structure; foundations can include continuous footings, spot footings, drilled piers, pier caps, grade beams, and tie beams.



Somero Laser Screeds: 

With our Somero Laser Screeds, not only are we able to place concrete slabs-on--grade at a rate of 40,000 square feet per day with a reduced workforce, we routinely achieve Floor Flatness and Floor Levelness (FF/FL) tolerances that exceed 50/35 (higher tolerances can be provided if regimented by the specifications).  You will receive a high quality floor that is flat, level, and finished to exceed you expectations.

Noel Somero Laser Screed

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